Crematory Operators Certification

The OFDA periodically offers the Crematory Operator Certification. Continue to check back here for added dates   

OFDA has received further information from the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors regarding the Crematory Operator Permit.  The Board will be establishing administrative rules to set forth the approval requirements for certification programs.  The Board will be evaluating program content, presenters, length of program, etc.  These and many other items will be dealt with as the Board goes through the rules process as required by Ohio Law.  

Upon confirmation of the Board administrative rules and effective date of implementation; OFDA will reschedule the program to ensure attendees will have satisfactory certification needed to obtain a Crematory Operator Permit. 

Please note: current certification programs may or may not qualify under the new standards that the Board will establish. 

None at this time.