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Fostering a Successful Apprentice/Master Relationship

Amanda Crates
Board Member
State of Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

Cheryl Grossman
Executive Director
State of Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

As practicing funeral directors, we don’t often review certain laws and rules until the time is necessary for the said situation. The intention of this session is to rather quickly review pieces and parts of 47.17 as an aide to potential Masters who will be mentoring an apprentice. 

As we course through this hour-long presentation, the goal is to have some take-aways for the potential Master, finding a place where the Master/Apprentice relationship is fruitful for both. It’s a win win for the funeral director who will definitely walk away with valuable tools!

Get ready to interact and help us unpack 47.17! - Something you never thought could be fun or engaging!


  • Learn how to read your apprentice
  • Learn how to help your apprentice learn
  • Review 47.17 - noted as the most intimidating section to the Apprentice. Make it an everyday review for the apprentice by making it more palatable
  • Be the Master you would have wanted - assist your apprentice in overcoming the fear of the LRR by teaching and leading!

1 CE Hour, Laws & Rules

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