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The ‘F-Words’ of Funeral Service; What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Mortuary School Graduation

Justin P. Zabor, CFSP
Funeral Director & Professional Speaker
The Zabor Funeral Home Inc. and Justin Zabor Enterprises, LLC 

Have you ever used the F-word? No, not that F-word! But rather some of these F-words:  Family Relationships, Friendship, Flexibility, and Fulfillment.

This program will address the essential “F-Words” that any funeral service professional should know to deliver customer experiences ‘To Die For’!  Justin will illustrate these critical points as a former mortuary school student himself and now with over 20 years of experience in the business.

He uses real-life humor, customized examples, and colorful stories from his own personal and business experiences. He will discuss several best business practices that deliver lasting value as you embark on your funeral service career. Consider this presentation as your ‘Commencement Address on Steroids’ as Justin shares with you wisdom that he wishes he had received when he was a student over 100 years ago!

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