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Transforming Your Work Through Laughter and Active Listening

Ethan Blumenthal
Founder and CEO
Knuckleball Comedy

Through a series of incredibly fun, interactive and engaging activities, you will learn how to lead more effectively, communicate more efficiently, and become a better active listener - all while laughing together.

Knuckleball Comedy workshops begin by slowly immersing the participants in creative and focus-based exercises aimed at moving everyone out of their comfort zone and into a new way of thinking. We show you what it can mean to be kind and what it is to be responsible for something so important to someone else. We enhance communication skills by creating a supportive environment. We build the confidence it takes to stand by your work and represent your funeral home to the world. We teach how to become a better leader by being a better listener and this applies to everyone whether they have a leadership role or not. And most importantly, the center of our workshop revolves around active listening. A skill important for everyone, but especially for those in the funeral home industry.

Once you become fully engaged, Ethan dive into the specifics about what it means to be an active listener and how it can enhance your work as funeral service professional. What is active listening? Knuckleball Comedy defines it as being truly in the moment when you are conversing with someone. When you are in the moment, not thinking about other things, but focusing on the person you are talking to, you not only listen to what they say, but you internalize it, it makes you think, and you remember it. And most importantly, the other person knows how much you value them and how important this conversation is to them. Every single person could benefit by becoming a better active listener. But funeral home professionals who interact with people every day who have just lost their loved ones need to be a good active listener more than most.

Does anyone need to feel more valued than someone who just lost a loved one?

And for funeral services professionals, because you have similar conversations a few times a day, it can be hard to stay focused. Hard to show the same compassion every single time. But in order to be good at your job, you must.

Now that participants have been fully entrenched into active listening, communication and creativity, they can take what they have learned and put it into practice. Audience members will be split up into small groups and participants will use all of the skills worked on throughout the workshop to build a presentation so fun they’ll wish it’ll never end.

Meet Jason and find out why his sessions are ones not to be missed!

1.5 CE Hours

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