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Caring for Families & Caring For Yourself: The Importance of Self-care in the Funeral Service Profession

Kelly Manion
Grief Specialist
Director of Community Engagement
Funeral Service Foundation

Program Description and Objectives

Funeral service is a high-touch, high-stress career and, unfortunately, there’s a high-degree of burnout. Effectively managing that stress is so important because, when funeral directors take care of themselves, they’ll be better able to take care of the families who are depending on them. Discover how to recognize the sources of stress in your career, gauge your burnout level, and learn practical steps you can take to manage it on physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual levels. Funeral homeowners and managers will gather strategies for how they can better care for the emotional well-being of employees.


  • Attendees will be able to identify the sources of stress that personally impact them on the job and gauge their level of burnout.
  • Attendees will learn strategies for minimizing the impact of stress on the job and the ability to develop a personal plan for self-care.
  • Funeral homeowners and managers will learn how they can better support their employees’ emotional well-being, which can lead to a stronger organizational culture, elevate job satisfaction, and improved service to families and communities.

1 CE Hour

Generously sponsored by the Funeral Service Foundation

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