July 18, 2024
4:00PM - 5:00PM EST

Webinar: Funeral Rule Compliance and Online Sales: What You Need to Know

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Is your funeral home fully compliant with the Funeral Rule? It has been 30 years since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last amended the Funeral Rule, and updates are on the horizon.

Industry compliance leaders agree that changes to the Funeral Rule are inevitable, with the 2024 amendments expected to focus primarily on online price disclosures.

eFuneral understands the importance of providing consumers with honesty and transparency. They also recognize that in-person visits or phone conversations can sometimes be challenging, especially when discussing pricing and regulations.

Hundreds of funeral homes share concerns about potential changes to the Funeral Rule, even when diligently following current guidelines. Fortunately, solutions are available that meet many of the Funeral Rule’s requirements for pricing information.

In this webinar, AVP of Partner Development Mitch Smith will walk through what we know about the FTC's recent focus on Funeral Rule violations, what it may mean for the future of funeral pricing and disclosure requirements, and how digital tools can be part of an effective FTC compliance strategy.


  • A detailed understanding of what we know about the FTC's recent focus on Funeral Rule violations.
  • An overview of what the FTC's increased enforcement means for the future of funeral pricing and disclosure requirements.
  • An explanation of how digital tools can be part of your FTC compliance strategy.


Mitch_Smith_2024Mitch Smith
AVP, Partnership Development
eFuneral Solutions

Mitch Smith is Director of Partnership Development for eFuneral Solutions, LLC. Prior to joining eFuneral, Mitch spent a decade in financial services and marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Iowa State University and an MBA from Bellevue University.

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