OFDA Allied Membership Application

The Individual applicant listed on this application is applying for Allied Membership in the Ohio Funeral Directors Association. (“OFDA”). Companies/organizations are not eligible for Allied Membership.
Eligibility: The following individuals shall be eligible for Allied Membership in the Association:
1. Employees and representatives of preneed insurance companies, livery companies or other suppliers to Firm Members;
2. Employees and representatives of licensed crematories that aren’t owned by a funeral home in the State of Ohio;
3 Educators in the mortuary or death care fields; and
4. Individuals providing grief counseling and bereavement support services or who are active in those fields.
The primary criteria for Allied Membership is evidence that the applicant supports members of OFDA. An applicant must receive an affirmative vote from the OFDA Executive Committee in order to be admitted into membership.
Application: To complete the application, please fill in all of the information requested below. An application will only be considered if it is filled out completely and lists the names of two Ohio funeral directors willing to provide a recommendation for the applicant. Following OFDA staff processing, the application will be reviewed by the OFDA Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer.
Dues Schedule:
Allied dues: $225 annually
Upon approval of your membership application you will receive an invoice to pay your dues based on a prorated amount depending on the time of year your application is approved.
Annually, OFDA members are mailed dues invoices in November. Deadline for remittance is February 28th.
Terms and Conditions: The applicant agrees as a condition of membership that the applicant will abide by the OFDA Bylaws that have or may be adopted by OFDA. Applicant understands that by providing their mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number, they consent to receive communications sent by or on behalf of OFDA.
I agree to Terms and Conditions
Allied Membership Application
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Describe your affiliation to funeral firm members:
What are your expectations and what do you hope to gain through an OFDA Allied Membership?
Check which Allied Membership Category you are applying for (check only ONE box):
1) Applicant is an employee/representative of preneed insurance company, livery company, or other supplier
2) Applicant is an employee/representative of licensed crematory in the State of Ohio
3) Applicant is an educator in the mortuary or death care field
4) Applicant is a grief counselor/bereavement support services
List two Ohio funeral directors, excluding coworkers and family members, willing to recommend you for membership
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