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Music & Memories: Elevating the Family’s Journey Through the Power of Music

In the realm of customer experiences, the harmonious union of music and memories holds the potential to transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary, emotionally resonant journeys. Leveraging the power of music can elevate the funeral home consumer’s journey and create lasting impressions.

Creating a tribute video for a loved one and investing in the right music can be an incredibly meaningful and powerful way to honor their memory. Incorporating licensed music into your tribute video demonstrates your commitment to creating a heartfelt and respectful tribute that captures the essence of a loved one's life.

However, anytime copyrighted music is synchronized to a video, anyone who uses that music must obtain a license from the copyright holder(s) to legally use their music. No matter what the use is for. This would include a video/slideshow/photo-montage memorial or tribute, a DVD of the service or an archive version of a live stream event on a website. As technology makes our world smaller, it has become much easier for copyright owners to find infringements in smaller video uses and copyright owners are paying attention.

Betsy and Robbie will discuss how they are committed to representing the copyright owner while protecting the funeral homeowners and therefore enabling bereaved families to share their loved ones' stories legally and respectfully.

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Betsy Brumley
Memory Valley Music

Robbie Musson
Business Development
Memory Valley Music

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