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The Biology Behind Better Cosmetics

Frequently, when individuals witness a loved one with poorly applied cosmetics, it reinforces or solidifies their reluctance to attend another loved one's funeral, fearing they might also appear "horrible."  Only by committing ourselves to improving and mastering the art of creating a more natural cosmetic appearance can we overturn this stereotype.

During this session, we will delve into a comprehensive examination of various skin types, emphasizing the significance of identifying skin tone and its diverse range of hues. You and Amanda will explore techniques involving mortuary cosmetics versus airbrushing as Amanda shares invaluable tips with a detailed focus on color mixing to enhance proficiency cosmetic application. A step-by-step guide for specific scenarios will be provided, including concealing bruises, recreating freckles, and executing cosmetics for partial facial reconstruction.

Theories and techniques discussed by Amanda will help you achieve a more natural appearance of decedents as opposed to the caked-on makeup appearance that turns families off from choosing embalming all together.

  • 1 CE, General

Amanda Marie Eilis King, CFSP, MBIT
Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer
B.C. Bailey Funeral Home
Frigid Fluid Company

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