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Restoring Dignity: The Invaluable Role of Death and Trauma Cleanup Services

In a recent survey, only 10 out of 138 funeral directors were aware of a local cleanup company. This presentation will unveil the realities of cleanup jobs by discussing those that SCU Services encounter on a week-to-week basis. Interactive presenters, Brandon and Eric, will raise awareness about the intricacies of handling situations involving suicides, decomposing bodies, odors, and navigating insurance complexities. The presentation will emphasize the ethical guidelines that organizations should follow when dealing with consumers, families, and friends of the deceased.

The primary focus of the presentation is customer care, underscoring the importance of providing the best possible care for those in the first stage of grief. It will emphasize that death and trauma cleanup companies are not competitors but rather additional resources within the funeral profession. Funeral directors are seen as "death experts," and SCU Services believes that every person should have a local option for these services. The presentation encourages funeral directors to offer solutions to families' cleanup needs, building or enhancing trust between the consumer and funeral home.

Brandon and Eric aim to provide funeral directors with insights into the necessity of cleanup services and help them discern what distinguishes a good cleanup company from a subpar one.

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Brandon Catchen & Eric Northrup
SCU Services

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