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Grief Therapy Dogs, A Benefit to your Client Families

Therapy dogs that work in funeral homes have been growing and are often considered essential “staff members.” The friendly, furry, staff can be a soothing and calming presence to grieving families during arrangements, wakes, funerals and memorial services. They provide mourners a chance to relieve tension and anxiety in the middle of a stressful and difficult time. By making families and guests more comfortable, they are more likely to spend more time in the funeral home. Providing a unique service of a therapy animal to families not only benefits those a funeral home serves, but it also provides a unique advertising opportunity that differentiates your funeral home from others.

1 CE Hour, General

Amie L. Burr
Office Manager
Krill Funeral Service, Inc.

Gary M. Burr, CFSP
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Krill Funeral Service, Inc.

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