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The Modern Funeral Journey (It’s Not Just Cremation)

Join Poul and Larry as they take you through a two-hour journey of one family’s funeral experience. This comprehensive journey will span all stages, from the initial search for a funeral home to the heartfelt commemoration of their loved one. More than a mere portrayal from the consumer's perspective, this journey will track the funeral professional through each step and shed light on actions taken, missed opportunities, and unexplored avenues.

This journey will help you see that disposition – cremation included – is far more than a transactional event. It underscores the moments where profound connections with families are forged, emphasizing operational stability, legal liability, ethical considerations, revenue growth, and ultimately, superior service delivery.

Drawing from their extensive expertise, Poul and Larry will integrate years of experience, education, and insights gleaned from various data sources, as well as real-life scenarios from the deathcare community. Leave this program and the OFDA Convention experience with a better understanding of what it will take to not only understand the future of funerals – but more importantly how to succeed.

  • 1 CE, Ethics
  • 1 CE, Laws & Rules

Poul Lemasters, Esq.
Founder and Principal
Lemasters Consulting
ICCFA Cremation Counsel

Larry Stuart, Jr.
Founder and Principal
Raven Plume Consulting

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