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Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Millennial Worker & How They Can Improve Your Business

The typical funeral home in the United States is often owned and operated by individuals in the Baby Boomer or early Generation X age range. However, the impending succession of the Millennial generation, known for its distinctive approach and mindset, is poised to reshape these businesses. Millennials are influencing operational paradigms across various industries, including death care, with their innovative perspectives.

Furthermore, owners and managers are now encountering the newest generation entering the workforce, Generation Z, which exhibits significant differences from Millennials, not to mention Gen Xers and Boomers.

This program aims to equip you with ethical tools and strategies to effectively motivate and maximize the productivity of younger staff members. Antonio seeks to debunk misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding the younger generations while actively engaging audience members and providing opportunities to address pertinent issues existing within their own businesses.

  • 1 CE, Ethics

Antonio Green
Funeral Director and Author
James H. Cole Home for Funerals

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