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“Cover Your Ass” Yes – He Just Said That

Poul Lemasters, Esq.
Lemasters Consulting
ICCFA General Counsel

The word may seem a bit obscene - and in fact some people may already be offended. For many, it just makes us feel a little uncomfortable. But when it comes to business - if you don’t CYA, then get ready for uncomfortable! When it comes down to it, most businesses avoid many of the issues that present the most risk, because it is just a little uncomfortable. Firing someone; uncomfortable. Handling employee confrontation; uncomfortable. Solving ethical dilemmas; yup - uncomfortable. The point of this program is to help you get comfortable with all these uncomfortable situations. It’s shining a light on your, well, back end, to make sure it’s covered. So, buckle up as we go down the trail of CYA.

Specifically, this learning lab will cover: 

  • Overview of the A-List, a breakdown of all the common donkeys that live and work inside your business.
  • Dumb Ass - A look into what really makes a dumb ass - dumb. It will surprise you because typically it’s too much education.
  • Bad Ass - One of the greatest asses you can strive to be; it’s all about ethics. It’s the struggle of making decisions that someone can stand behind, even years later.

1 CE Hour, 0.50 Hour Ethics

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