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Allied Membership Eligibility

OFDA Bylaws - Article III

D. Allied Members

The following individuals shall be eligible for Allied Membership in the Association:

1. Employees and representatives of preneed insurance companies, livery companies or other suppliers to Firm Members;

2. Employees and representatives of licensed crematories in the State of Ohio;

3. Educators in the mortuary or death care fields; and

4. Individuals providing grief counseling and bereavement support services or who are active in those fields.   

The primary criteria for Allied Membership is evidence that the applicant supports members of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association. An eligible applicant who pays dues in accordance with the dues schedule approved by the Board of Directors may submit a written application to the Association for membership as an Allied Member. The Executive Committee, after receiving the report of the Executive Director on the application, may approve or reject it at any regular or special meeting of the Executive Committee. 

Allied Members under this Paragraph D do not possess the right to vote nor serve as a director or officer of the Association. Allied Members shall be entitled to receive those benefits which the Board of Directors makes available to Allied Members and shall pay dues in accordance with the dues schedule approved from time-to-time by the Board of Directors.

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